Are you ready to learn why you keep sabotaging everything you try to achieve and how you can become confident and empowered?

With the Creatix method you will learn skills, strategies and tools you need to stop feeling as though you are constantly treading water, and remove the overwhelm and guilt so you can live the successful life you have always dreamed of. 


If you are a busy workaholic who suffers from stress, overwhelm, guilt, not feeling good enough and stuck on the roller coaster of attending courses trying to find THE one that will provide the secret to becoming carefree and successful, achieving all you ever imagined, then this is the course that will provide the answers to what is blocking you and how to rectify it within 2-3 months.

By the end of this course 

  • You will learn why everything you have done so far has not worked.

  • You will learn how you CAN change so that in the future you will easily and effortlessly achieve ALL that you desire.

  • You will have a Personal  Creatrix® Breakthrough, that will allow you to take action effortlessly and confidently.

  • You will have identified some of the limiting beliefs and fears that have been keeping you stuck.

  • You will understand why it is important for women to remove stress in their lives.

  • You will have proven tools to instantly  assist you in moments of stress and overwhelm.

Here’s what’s inside:

Module I

  • What happens to you when you feel anxious or stressed.
  • We will investigate the Beliefs and Fears that hold you back and keep you stuck
  • We will also discover Creatrix® Transformology®, what it does and how you can use it. 

Module II

  • In this module we will discover that every biological system in a female's body has differences and different capabilities to a male. 
  • We will also look at why they matter.

Module III

  • In this module we will investigate why it is important to reduce the toxic cortisol levels within our bodies caused by stress, as well as how we are "Programmed" to operate as a female.

Module IV

  • In the last module we will pull everything together and discuss EPIGENETICS and why we believe and feel the way we do.
  • Lastly, how do we rectify this on an individual basis as effortlessly and quickly as possible.

Well of course there’s bonuses - 

      • Weekly planning journal template

      • For Now Focus Mini Course that will allow you to determine what is the most important things to you right now and the top 3 to focus on for the next 3-6 months

      • FREE unlimited access to the Frozen to Fearless Society Facebook group (exclusive insider info only). This is a community of high vibe women who are ready to find their voice, master their anxiety, put self doubt and imposter syndrome in the trash, so they can take unapologetic action to manifest succes.

          And the icing on the cake ​

          • You’ll get immediate access to all the materials in this masterclass. 

          • You can take the class at your own pace.

          • Expert instruction - All the instructors are top rated experts in their field so you’re in safe hands.

          • No trying to figure it out all on your own.

          Just sign up, show up, and start changing your life.

          How To Stop Sabotaging Your Success

           TOTAL VALUE WITH BONUSES: $249 

          Register Today for just $57

          (over 75% OFF!)

          About your instructor 

          My name is Debbie Evans and I am a certified Creatrix® Transformologist® 


          I have over 40 years of life experience working in various industries and with a wide range of people.

          I am a qualified & certified Creatrix® Transformologist.
          Creatrix® Transformology® works around the science of Epigenetics’ for Women.

              Having been through a very traumatic period of time following my divorce, I was looking for help and I was after more than the short-term quick fix solutions.

              I felt:

              • Rejected
              • I was a victim of workplace bullying
              • I always felt not good enough
              • I was unable to speak up and be heard
              • I always felt like an imposter 
              • I felt overwhelmed and was barely treading water
              • I would burst into tears constantly, stuttering and could not look anyone in the eye when talking to them

                  I have been where you are now, I have walked in your uneasy steps

                    Why should you listen to me?

                    Because I was you, and now I am not!

                    I can get you to where you want to be, because I have been where you are now, and I know what works to move forward and start living the life of your dreams.

                    You are 100% covered by our 14 day money back guarantee.

                    I’m taking away all the risk so you can just give it a try. 

                    If, within 14 days of your purchase, you’re thinking, “this isn’t for me,” just send me an email, and I’ll give you a full refund. 


                    Do I really need to spend money on something like this? 

                    Um, yes! You’ve probably spent wayyy more than $57 on something that you thought would make you feel good (I’m looking at you, ankle boots). Now you’re spending a little money on yourself that will actually work.

                    How much time is required?

                    How is the masterclass delivered? 

                    I’m afraid of signing up for this and then not having the time or energy required to get the results

                    Is everything available immediately?

                    Do I need to use a special program to access the materials?

                    How long can I keep it for? 

                    Is there a guarantee? 

                        How To Stop Sabotaging Your Success​

                         TOTAL VALUE WITH BONUSES: $249 

                        Register Today for just $57

                        (over 75% OFF!)

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