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      • With every class you get FREE access to the Frozen to Fearless Society Facebook group (exclusive insider info only). This is a community of high vibe women who are ready to find their voice, master their anxiety, put self doubt and imposter syndrome in the trash, so they can take unapologetic action to manifest success.

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      Stress Busting Nutrition, with Kristina Beljan

       In this masterclass, you’ll learn why are you stress-eating, what kind of nutrition causes stress, and how those two things connected. The class covers valuable foundational steps that are going to help you step free out of the stress eating cycle. You’ll also learn how to enjoy food more and stay guilt- and stress-free

      Invest In You First Using Essential Oils and Healthy Habits with Laura Petit

      In this masterclass, you’ll learn the four core habits that are crucial to your success in life and how to use essential oils to support these habits with ease. You’ll leave with a custom action plan to implement these healthy habits immediately ensuring you never pour from an empty cup again

      How to Stop Sabotaging Your Success with Debbie Evans

      In this masterclass, you will learn all about your limiting beliefs and fears that have been keeping you stuck. You’ll then be provided with a solution by way of a Personal  Creatrix® Breakthrough, which will allow you to take action effortlessly and confidently. Along with tools to assist you in the moment of stress and overwhelm to help you now

      Tapping for stress, anxiety and overwhelming emotions with Jason Winters

      In this masterclass you will learn to break free of emotional setbacks that are standing in the way of your purpose, recover from adversity in your life and get BACK on the path to success through the power of emotional freedom techniques (EFT)

      Coming March 2021

      Self-Care 101: How to look after yourself in all areas of your life

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